Chace Crawford Drops Hollywood To Become A Fashion Mag Editor?

Have you heard the news about Chace Crawford dropping out of the “Footloose” remake? Boy must be hard up for a job now because he’s filling in as a guest editor for fashion magazine Grazia. What does Chace Crawford know about style, you ask? We hope a bit more than the last time Grazia interviewed him and in response to the question, “Who is Alexander Wang?” Chace responded, “I’ve met Vera Wang; are they married?” Yet, they’ve given him a second chance!

On his second time to the office, Grazia editors explain what’s in store for the new staffer: “So after showing him the ropes and laying down the rules, we’ve set him straight to work on mastering this wonderful website of ours. Stay tuned for the rest of the week as Chace chooses his favourite fashion items, picks his top British style icons and makes us a sterling cuppa. Perhaps a game of Kiss Chace (gettit?) is in order… Oh how we love our jobs.”

Hmm … something tells us Chace doesn’t come to Grazia for a job, but rather to flirt with a bunch of bashful fashion editors. Clever boy. At least he’s putting his skills to work somehow. [Grazia]