Barbie’s 16 Most Feminist-Friendly Careers

pastor barbie 041310 facebook g1 jpg
Sure, Barbie might have an obsession with the color pink and all things adorable, like babies, kittens, and puppies, but she’s also one helluva career woman. I mean, show me another woman — or man, for that matter — who’s had 125 different careers since she got her working papers. And even though Barbie has worked some traditionally female jobs like fashion model, secretary, and schoolteacher, she’s gone down in the trenches to try her hand at some traditionally male roles too. Take for instance “Rev. Barbie,” which was the brainchild of Rev. Julie Blake Fisher, an Episcopal priest. Fisher wanted to show her youth ministry the proper way to wear various vestments, so she sought the help of the plastic goddess. Fisher’s Barbies model the latest trends in clergy-wear on their own Facebook page. And even though Fisher’s dolls aren’t sanctioned by Mattel, Barbie’s maker, the doll does indicate the changing role of women in the clergy. Come to think of it, these other feminist Barbie careers also changed the idea of “woman’s work.” [The Washington Post]
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