Taylor Momsen Is A “Gossip Girl” Goner

Taylor Momsen hasn’t won many supporters on The Frisky with her self-absorbed remarks about not being a role model and having no time to care about Haiti. So it’s not surprising that her bad attitude has affected her relationship with the “Gossip Girl” writers. As a result of creative differences, Taylor’s character, Jenny Humphrey, will be absent next season for an unspecified number of episodes, according to an insider who spoke to EW.com. Taylor has also confirmed that she’s done with the program. The writers seem to be cooking up something extra big for Little J during this season’s finale, but something tells me the character will be back at some point. Keep reading for my ideas on how they can get rid of Taylor, but still keep Jenny waiting in the wings for another big moment.

  • Jenny gets her hands on a really bad batch of black eyeliner that causes a major case of conjunctivitis. Her infection is so bad that she goes blind and can no longer design or wreak havoc as the Queen. But wait! There’s hope. Jenny learns about some experimental treatment for the blind going on in Eastern Europe and quickly departs to save what’s left of her eyes.
  • Rufus finally sends Jenny’s butt to boot camp, where she’s reformed into a civil and calm person. Jenny returns to the show at the end of season four, but she’s played by a different actress.
  • Jenny gets caught dealing prescription drugs, but refuses to implicate Damian. Her Upper East Side contacts admire her loyalty and use their connects to get her placed in a swanky juvenile detention facility, where she wins everyone over by updating the prison garb.
  • She and Damian go into hiding together because the NYPD is investigating their drug ring. They live lavish globetrotting lives, partying in Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. But then Jenny decides to return home to tell Rufus he’s going to be a granddad.
  • Jenny becomes a noble human being and decides to learn the high price of fashion by becoming a cotton picker in India.