Not Your Average Model: Erin Wasson Operates Power Tools & Wears Fruit Of The Loom

Celebs often try their darndest to come off as “grounded,” and to be fair, we suck up those “Stars! They’re Just Like Us” shots or Architectural Digest spreads that show you an actor’s “humble” abode. But do we ever believe they’re just like our friend down the block? Never.

This isn’t the case for model Erin Wasson, who proves just how down to earth she is in a Wall Street Journal article. Letting reporters into her East Village apartment, they picked apart her closet to show that Wasson truly is your girl supermodel next door. For starters, lady built the shelves herself, and says, “Why hire somebody to do something so simple? You just have to have big old power tools.” (And here we can barely put together an Ikea stool.) After stepping into her closet, we get a refreshing surprise—her clothing collection isn’t all designer (you’d think models would rack up samples from shoots), but rather made up of “about a third of the closet is designer goods, with the other two thirds consisting of vintage finds and mass brands.” That’s freakishly close to our own wardrobe breakdown. What about you? [Wall Street Journal]