Why Would Anyone Want To Impersonate Jon Gosselin?!?!

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought the point of impersonating someone was because they are really, really cool. Yet a dentist from New York has allegedly chosen to imitate Jon Gosselin by wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts and smoking like a chimney. The dude has been hitting up clubs all over Atlantic City and is using his bogus celeb status to score with the ladies. I’m a little upset, not because the guy is rumored to be unbalanced, but because the only thing worse than one Jon Gosselin is two. [RadarOnline.com]

Oh, wait, this isn’t the first time a really lame celeb has been impersonated by a total creeper. After the jump, some other wannabes who made us run screaming.

  • In 2005, Christopher Duncan, an Eminem impersonator, got life in prison for beating a female law student with a baseball bat and letting her die slowly. Duncan then stuffed her in a suitcase and said the whole incident reminded him of Eminem’s song “Stan.” Whoa. Totally horrifying. [Fox News]
  • In March, a 35-year-old woman who thought she was Diddy’s wife was arrested for trespassing near the celeb’s home. She broke into a house nearby, thinking it was Diddy’s. She was wrong, and the fiasco cost her quite a bit of bail money. I just can’t figure out why anyone would want to be this dude’s wife. I mean, he’s a total jerk. [E! Online]
  • Aspiring actress Natalie Reid, 21, wears dark sunglasses, skimpy dresses and rocks fake bling just so she can fool people into thinking she’s Paris Hilton. Although the gal claims she never misrepresents herself, her look scored her a front row seat at the Nicole Miller fashion show in 2006 and gets her all kinds of airline upgrades and choice tables at restaurants. It also makes people automatically assume her IQ is 150 points lower than the average person’s. [ABC News]
  • In February, a man pretending to be Paul Simon was arrested for trying to withdraw $4,300 from the celeb’s bank account. The thief had Simon’s social security number and some forged docs but looked nothing like him. So, obvs, the bank teller knew. [Spinner]