HUDSON D.I.Y. Capsule Collection: How To Mix Designer Jeans With Lower-End Items

Hudson jeans, designed by Ben Taverniti, is gearing up to launch four capsule collections this April and May at Barneys New York, Jeffrey, and other boutiques. The four collections offer something for everyone: the “Minimalist” reduces jeans back to the purest and simplest state but has quilting accents to add depth; “Resurrection” offers recycled Hudson denim that is cut and re-engineered into new, one-of-a-kind pairs; and the “Subversion” adds of-the-moment military-inspired details, like cargo pockets, to skinny jeans. But my favorite new Hudson collection this season is “D.I.Y.”

The “D.I.Y.” jeans are meant to look as if you took apart a pair of everyday jeans and hand-styled and re-sewed them into something completely different. They have exposed flies, cut waistbands, holes, and zippers that run up the thighs. I have a pair with exposed darts running down the back of my thighs, and this is the first time I’ve seen a sexy detail like this in denim. Although the jeans run about $995 for the “Resurrection” collection and between $215 and $325 for the others, they’re investment pieces that you’ll wear repeatedly because of their unique construction and quality fabric. And just because Hudson jeans cost a pretty penny doesn’t mean everything you wear them with has to be designer. Check out how I styled my pair with lower-end items that were already in my wardrobe.

First, I wanted a light and airy blouse that’s appropriate for NYC’s 85-degree temperature today. But the medium gray and gold pattern also complements the navy blue of my blazer. The top cost less than $25 at Old Navy and the jacket was about $40 at Uniqlo, a Japanese mixture of the Gap and H&M. I wear this blazer at least two times a week, so I think I now owe Uniqlo more money because it has withstood all my abuse. The next addition to my outfit: these practically season-less suede peep-toes from Enzo Angiolini, which I bought at a Marshall’s-type store for about $60. I’m not one to match my shoes to my top ordinarily, but I thought the darker colors helped the Hudson jeans stand out. I added vintage jewelry, costume and real, to top off the look. And not to toot my own horn, but I doubt anyone would think I was wearing designer jeans with, dare I say, mall stuff.