New Career Suggestions For 8 Sex Scandalitos

new career eliot spitzer jpg
In a recent interview, Eliot Spitzer hinted at the fact that he plans on running for office again. “I’ve never said I would never consider running for office again,” he claimed. So what position might he have his sights set on? New York State Comptroller because, he says, “It’s a great underutilized position in government right now.” Translation: the only job he could have a shot in hell at after all that hooker bizzness. If we could offer our unsolicited advice to Eliot, we would tell him to explore his options. His time in politics is clearly over. I think he’d be better as the new face (and head) of the Hair Club for Men. Imagine Spitzer sitting at a large desk with a full head of hair, beaming at the camera and saying, “Because I’m not just the former governor, I’m also a client.” [Gawker]

After the jump, career suggestions for other dudes in ruins after their sex scandals.

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