Would You Use A Video To Apply To College?

When I was applying to college, I thought it was kind of sweet and very “green” that I could do the whole thing online. But now, peeps have taken things a bit too far. Four schools—Tufts, George Mason, William and Mary, and St. Mary’s College of Maryland—are encouraging students to submit a video application in lieu of writing the old essay. About 5 to 10 percent of their applications came by way of video this year. In other words, these kids took the easy way out. But, hey, I’m not too upset because some have gone viral and are now available for our viewing pleasure online. For example, check out Amelia Downs’ “Math Dances” above. Here’s the thing about video applications that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. I kind of like the anonymity of a written application. No one knows what you look like and while, sure, there are probably cues to your race/ethnicity in your application, it isn’t there for all to see. Plus, there are so many studies that show that people unconsciously favor people who are good-looking, and admissions offices are hardly immune to this. Remember in “Legally Blonde” when Elle Woods gets into Harvard Law School based on her video app? Not saying the lookism would ever be that blatant, but still.

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