The Deets On Heidi Montag’s “Back Scooping” Procedure

It doesn’t surprise us when we hear of some wacky plastic surgery procedure to hear Heidi Montag’s name come up as well. (Seriously, the girl should have a new type of boob job named after her.) We reported earlier this week that the reality TV star wasn’t into hugging people at the moment because she’s still recovering from her “back scooping” procedure. What, pray tell, is that? Visions of a doctor taking an ice cream scoop to your body. Shudder.

New York Daily News has the scoop (har, har) on what this operation is all about. And yes, it is just like it sounds—liposuction on your lower back. Why do it? “When the lower part of the back is treated with liposuction, it can actually be contoured so that it is concave and does not display any fat rolls,” explains one plastic surgeon. “In essence, you’re scooping the fat out of the back in a very detailed and carefully controlled way.” Yum! But considering how thin Montag was from the beginning, we can’t really see how (even she) would deem this “necessary.” []