Reality TV Producer Held For Questioning In Wife’s Murder

And, sadly, we have yet another link between a reality TV show and a murder. Bruce Beresford-Redman is a well-known producer who’s worked on shows like “Pimp My Ride” and “Survivor,” and is currently working on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” He and his wife, Mónica, went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico, this week with their two children. On Tuesday, Bruce called the police to say that Mónica had gone out shopping the day before and had never come back. Yesterday, her body turned up in the sewer of the resort where they were staying, the Moon Palace. While Bruce has not been charged with anything and is not an official suspect, he has been held in Mexico for questioning as a “person of interest.” He had scratches on his neck and, allegedly, a hotel employee witnessed the two fighting on Monday night and said that Bruce had tried to hit Mónica. “He’s the initial focus of the investigation based on their alleged turbulent relationship,” said a police official. And Radar interviewed Mónica’s sister, who says Bruce had been having an affair (I’d guess with an intern?) and that Mónica had recently found out. So sad. Our condolences to her family. [Huffington Post, Radar]