Chicks Apply Makeup With No Mirror, But Why Are They Topless?

Vice magazine recently ran a rather clever beauty story in their March issue (one that I missed because my ridic hipster days are long over, God bless ‘em). They asked several American Apparel models “real girls” to apply their makeup without mirrors — like, ZOMG! — and had well-respected photographer Richard Kern snap the results. Now, I have to hand it to the girls: They didn’t do such a bad job, considering the circumstances. However, I do have a couple of problems with the gallery of images …One, their nail polish is comically applied far beyond their fingertips. I thought they had no mirrors, not that they were blind. Also, why are they all topless? (Above, the safe for work version, obvs.) It’s not that I’m offended by all the naked breasts or anything, the more the merrier I always say. But in this context, it just seems kind of gratuitous. I mean, I get it; “they’re vulnerable,” because, um, they had to perform this seriously challenging task without a visual aid. I mean, showing their boobs really takes them out of their comfort zones — way to take it to the next level, man! I just wouldn’t expect someone as talented as Kern to take the concept so literally. Classic amateur mistake. Alright, alright, I rest my case. Now go ahead and follow the link to see the full photo shoot, including some TGIF-flesh that is NSFW. You’re welcome. [Vice]