Brazilian Waxes Do Not Need To Be DIY

Dear Cosmo,

Thanks so much for the free stencils in the May issue! While I think it’s cool that you’re clearly listening to your readers’ cries for more DIY content and money saving tips, I’m happy to leave the fancy pubic styling to the professionals. Trust me, I’m usually a shaver and maintain my bikini line on a daily basis with some foam and a Schick. But on those occasions when I want something flirty down below — like the “Love Triangle,” “Sweetheart,” “This Way For Fun” arrow, and “Landing Strip” — I’d rather fork over $40 for Helga to do it right. Somehow the five step process required for giving myself “some down-there flair” seems dangerous, messy, and, well, cheap?

That said, these stencils will come in handy the next time I babysit a 5-year-old and we’re working on a craft project.

Best wishes,