Airline To Start Charging Pee Fee And Other Corporate Penny-Pinching

Discount European airline Ryanair has decided they will charge $1.50 for their passengers to use the toilet. The idea is part of the “Ryanair Cost Saving Proposal,” which they put in their in-flight magazine. The logic is that people should use restrooms in the airports before getting on the plane. This will also allow them to take out a couple of toilets from each plane, allowing up to six extra seats in the cabin and reducing fares by about 5 percent. [Newser]

I guess that European flights are shorter than the trip from LAX to JFK. However, if they’re charging for bathrooms, I think bathroom sex should probably be allowed. But seriously, remember when we got warm cookies and champagne on flights? Or, like, free peanuts? I’m sick of things being taken away until we have to pay for everything, not just on airplanes but everywhere. Here are a few more examples of ridiculous fees.

  • It’s been confirmed that Hulu will start charging users sometime in the next year. There will be a subscription option and some of the content will still be available free of charge. Their deputy chairman Chase Carey said, “I think a free model is a very difficult way to capture the value of our content. I think what we need to do is deliver that content to consumers in a way where they will appreciate the value.” I guess it is really easy to take things for granted until we have to pay for them. Sad face. [EW]
  • Jerk phone company, Verizon, plans on charging customers $20 to learn how to use their new phones by talking to a technician. For $20, you get 30 minutes to ask questions to someone who hates customer service. On top of that, if your phone is under warranty but has scratches on it, you will be charged an extra $50 for the replacement fee. Presumably, so that they can sell broken phones back to other customers and charge them for their replacements, too. [Computer World]
  • Spirit Airlines decided to start charging up to $45 for carry-on bags—not checked, but carry-on. Which wouldn’t have become an issue if airlines hadn’t started charging for checked bags, forcing us to become saddle-bagged mules! [Kare11]
  • Toronto schools have started charging students for water, in their own containers—50 cents for plain filtered water and $1 for flavored water. The school board hopes to make up for the lost revenue from the junk food ban. Jerks. [CTV]
  • Equally frustrating, US Airways will start charging $2 for bottled water in the coach class. They won’t charge for sodas or juice, though. This is a super great idea since at high altitudes the humidity is sucked out of the cabin and people (especially old people) dehydrate more quickly. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to take water from children and old people, but, um, go to hell. [Blogging Stocks]
  • Ventura, California residents will now have the option of either paying $1.49 a month for “emergency service access” or they will be charged $50 every time they dial 911. The only exception is if you’re a good samaritan and call on somebody else’s behalf. So, the loophole to keep in mind is that next time someone is trying to kill or rob you, make sure the neighbor sees you and calls 911 so that you can keep your hard-earned money to buy Funions. [L.A. Times]

What ridiculous fees have you noticed lately?