6 Must-Have Fashion Apps For The iPad

Not to sound like a whiny brat, but the Gilt app for the iPhone kind of disappoints. They meant well, but the small screen means it’s hard to pass judgment on tiny frocks under all that limited time offer pressure. Blessedly, a handful of iPad apps have swooped in to solve challenging First World issues like these with their awesomeness in the arena of style. (Of course, you need an iPad to start with, but I digress … ) Check out our favorites, after the jump.

  1. Gilt Group mends their naught iPhone ways with a sleek and lovely alternative that you can actually see.
  2. The Zinio magazine app offers tons of glossy fashion titles (and more serious fare!) optimized for iPad with no subscription.
  3. Everyone’s raving about the mix and match possibilities of the GAP Style Mixer app. We agree that it’s lovely — and not just because it rhymes. (The GAP 1969 Stream app is also beloved.)
  4. Interview magazine is getting props far and wide for the iPad magazine adaptation.
  5. Use Photogene photo editing to, umm, “enhance” your attractiveness in digital pics!
  6. Cool Hunting’s app offers a sleek look at all things fashion, culture and, well, cool.