20 More Things To Stop Feeling Guilty About

Last week I wrote a list on 20 things we should stop feeling guilty about. I hadn’t realized just how much there was that we women fret over — readers made so many great suggestions for other things we need to let go of and I thought of quite a few more since last week that it seems a second list is definitely in order. After the jump, 20 more things we need to stop feeling guilty (or just plain bad) about.

  1. Eating take-out for dinner three days in a row.
  2. Breaking up with someone you’re just not into anymore even if he is the best guy you’ve ever dated.
  3. Hiring a cleaning lady.
  4. Staying indoors on a lovely spring day.
  5. Getting a free makeover at a department store and only buying a tube of lipstick (just don’t walk out of there empty-handed!).
  6. Having an “out-of-town conference” when your friend picks a super-expensive restaurant for her birthday dinner.
  7. Hiding in another aisle when you spot a co-worker at the grocery store you don’t feel like talking to.
  8. Not liking your friend’s kids very much.
  9. Ending an engagement because it doesn’t feel right anymore.
  10. Not having everything you thought you’d have by now.
  11. Using some of your student loans to take a vacation.
  12. Eloping because you couldn’t stand the idea of planning a wedding.
  13. Moving far away from your family.
  14. Making more money than your parents ever did.
  15. Complaining about your job when the unemployment rate is so high (nothing wrong with a little venting — just don’t let it consume you).
  16. Adding a little vanilla to the box mix of pancakes and saying you “made it from scratch.”
  17. Selling the designer bag on eBay that your mom got you for Christmas and you never use.
  18. The number of people you’ve slept with.
  19. Being the bearer of bad news.
  20. And, yes, eating the ice cream right out of the carton.

Photos: iStockphoto