10 Freaky Fast Food Items

fastfood doubledown 040910 jpg
Mark your calendars. On April 12, KFC’s Double Down is coming into the world. What was once only a rumor has now been confirmed by The Colonel and will soon be very, very real. Here is the dilemma that this new concotion is trying to solve: Have you ever been eating a chicken sandwich and gone, “Darn, I wish this sandwich was surrounded by meat rather than the lame bun”? Neither have I! But, apparently this was the wish of some fast food fanatic, because now we have the Double Down. The D-Squared’s main marvel is that it uses two hunking chicken pieces in place of buns. That’s right, the bread has gone bye-bye and greasy finger-lickin chicken has taken its place to hold together a gooey mess of cheese and bacon. This new fast food Frankenstein is 540 calories with 32 grams of fat, and just plain weird. I am sure that won’t stop some people from chomping down. See what the mad scientists of McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food chains have thought up and tried to pass off as normal food over the years. Don’t be ashamed to share which ones you would try in the comments.
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