Woman Loses $40K, Husband, And Job Because Of Psychic Addiction

Sex addiction. Shopping addiction. Psychic addiction? This week in The Daily Mail, British TV executive Samantha Brick wrote all about her obsession with consulting psychics—between the ages of 18 and 36, she spent almost $40K consulting them, getting so dependent on their guidance that she couldn’t so much as paint her hallway without getting a reading. (Her psychic’s premonition: yellow.) Oh, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg with the decisions Samantha let psychics make for her. When she was 33, a psychic told her that she was going to move to Los Angeles and that her marriage was over. She initially balked. But when a week later, she got a job offer in L.A., she took it—and had divorce papers drawn up, since her psychic must’ve been right about the marriage, too. And that’s not all. When a psychic said her sister’s marriage was in decline, she spread the rumor to her family. Only it wasn’t true—and her relationship with her sister was forever damaged. When a psychic told her to quit her job and start her own production company, she did it and refinanced her house to raise the funds. Two years later, she was bankrupt and her home was in foreclosure. What’s so interesting about this piece is that Samantha is (a) extremely successful (b) very smart and (c) sounds totally like a normal person. So what exactly led her to get so wrapped up in this whole game? Maybe she missed the part of the Psychic Friends Network commercial where they say, “For entertainment purposes only”? [The Daily Mail]