Tiki Barber Dumps Pregnant Wife For 23-Year-Old Intern

Eww, Tiki Barber, eww. The former NFL star and “Today Show” correspondent has apparently dumped his wife of 11 years (who is eight months pregnant with twins) to be with 23-year-old former NBC intern, Traci Lynn Johnson — who may also be pregnant as well. Barber announced the split from his wife in a statement yesterday saying the decision “was a painful one, but we are moving forward amicably and will continue to work together to raise our children…” He declined to comment on Johnson, but The New York Post says the blonde — who works on NBC’s “30 Rock” — was photographed sitting next to Tiki last month at a documentary screening and that sources say she accompanied him to Senegal to shoot that documentary for the Travel Channel. Ginny would have been three months pregnant at the time.And in a new report today, the Post says Barber may have been involved with Johnson for years, even helping her land her internship at NBC, while other sources suggest she may have even babysat his two sons with Ginny. The Post attempts to portray Johnson as a “long-tressed temptress,” but let’s not forget that the beloved New York Giant is 12 years older than his paramour — and certainly should be held far more accountable for philandering outside of his marriage. [NY Post]