Quickies: “Jersey Shore” Season 2 Won’t End In Miami & “Mad Men” Season 4 Is Set For July

  • Jersey Shore” will return to the Garden State to finish up season two. [MTV]
  • The next time someone drives like an a-hole, remember there are six scientific reasons for their behavior. [Cracked]
  • Kate Gosselin is bringing her brood of eight back to TLC. [Hollywood Life]

  • According to a press release, “Mad Men” season four will premiere on July 17. [Movie Line]
  • These are the 10 best and worst movie dates. I must be the only one that thinks “Notting Hill” sucked! [BuzzSugar]
  • Parents might have helped arrange a fake prom to keep a lesbian teen out of the real one. [Shine]
  • The kid in this video singing “Bad Romance” is going to have all sorts of issues when he’s older. [The Daily WH.AT]
  • Me want these Chinese paper-cutting eyelashes from Paperself! [Refinery 29]