Frisky Editors: The Most/Least Expensive Things We Bought And Love

Let’s talk cash: We’ve been trying to be more money-conscious lately, so we decided to take a peek into our closets to see how we’ve spent our paychecks. Here, we dish on the most expensive things we own (and why we bought them and whether we love/regret the expense), as well as the cheapest styles that are so awesome, they’re priceless. Share your own facts and figures in the comments below!

  • Most expensive: I bought myself a big birthday present last year after falling in love with a Helmut Lang coat. It was $600, but is the most incredible item of clothing I’ve ever seen with its huge collar you can mold different ways and this edgy asymmetrical zipper.
  • Least expensive: One of those gray American Apparel sweatshirts with the “vintage” wash that just about every girl has in her closet. It goes with everything.


  • Most expensive: A pair of $250 high heels from J.Crew. They’re sort of like “fancy” heels that can be worn during the day. $250 is more money than I have ever spent on a pair of shoes before. But I wore these heels the night I met my boyfriend—and he remarked upon them— so it was worth it!
  • Least expensive: A $3 burgundy-colored sweater with intricate beading around the plunging neckline. I bought it at a Salvation Army thrift store in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. I think it only cost $3 because it has a tiny hole ripped on the back collar, presumably where someone cut a tag out. A total steal! I love it.


  • Most expensive: My Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag—it was maybe $325. I had been searching for a new bag forever and couldn’t find one I liked, so when I noticed this one, I went for it. It’s big enough to carry all the sh*t I lug around, but won’t let me tote so much I would get back problems. It took me a little while to be OK with it getting dirty (it’s light brown), but now I don’t mind so much and think grime adds character.
  • Least expensive: I have two dresses—one from Forever 21 and one from Old Navy—that probably cost $30 together, and they look way nicer than they are. They’re two of my go-to items. People are always shocked when they find out where they’re from, and I think the reason they come across as nicer is because they both have a few nice little details, like puff sleeves or ruffles around the neck. And I add a cute belt.


  • Most expensive: Either a Jill Stuart winter coat that I bought on a credit card when I was an editorial assistant and it took me forever (and a loan from my dad) to pay off, or my Botkier bag, which I carry constantly. Both were in the $550 range.
  • Least expensive: Probably flip-flops. I have cheap Havaianas and slightly more expensive J. Crew capri thongs, but during the summer, they’re all I wear. Every year around this time, I get psyched to go out and buy a bunch of new pairs because I know it means summer is on its way.


  • Most expensive: Heinous thigh-high boots by Zucca. They were $600 (down from $1500) and I thought, “No way will I spend that much on shoes,” but they were so scrunchy, looked so amazing on the runway, and were so discounted that I obsessed and ended up going for it. Sadly, they are some of the ugliest shoes I own.
  • Least expensive: A $5 black blazer that I got at a Seattle thrift store. I wear it a few times a week and in my opinion it looks good with everything—with jeans and over little dresses.


  • Most expensive: My large patent Lanvin bag. I bought it for about $1,800 a couple years ago and I still use it all the time. It’s one of those items you lie to your mom about when she asks how much it was.
  • Least expensive: A trapper hat—it was maybe $10 and I love it. I’ve got a thing for Sherlock Holmesean winter headgear!


  • Most expensive: I tend to buy most designer items at an extreme discount, so I doubt I’ve spent an exorbitant amount on anything. A Hype Andy Zip Top Tote was one of two birthday presents I bought myself. It was $205.78 with shipping and tax. I love the color and the shape and size are perfect for lugging all my crap on a daily basis.
  • Least expensive: The cheapest items I wear on a regular basis are some flower-inspired earrings. There was this jeweler (slash really intimidating loan shark) who used to come to my mom’s office and sell jewelry at below retail prices. You could pay in installments. I purchased these for less than $40, I think. Since I always paid up on time, I never got on his bad side, and he was nice to me.


  • Most expensive: A few years ago, I bought a Marc Jacobs bag, which was about $1,000. I loved it like crazy for ages. Today, I don’t love it as much, but it symbolizes something to me, so I love it differently.
  • Least expensive: A floral dress from H&M for about $24. It looks good whether I am skinny, or got the period bloats, or with my Chucks, boots, or whatever shoes. I bought it in two colors. It’s also lasted for two years without any buttons popping.