Eva Longoria And The Rest Of The “Desperate Housewives” Brood Doubt Nicollette’s Lawsuit

And cue the Nicollette Sheridan backlash. Earlier this week, Nicollette filed a $20 million lawsuit against ABC, claiming that she was slapped by “Desperate Housewives” executive producer Marc Cherry in 2008 and that she was eventually written off the show over the incident. But according to Radar, ABC has come up with an eye witness who saw the whole incident unroll. The witness has signed an affidavit and has agreed to testify in court that there was no slap. Instead, this person says that Cherry patted Nicollette on the head while giving direction, which sounds condescending and annoying, but not abusive. “People on the show feel this is a nuisance suit,” a source tells them. “But if she makes the rounds of the talk shows, it could get ugly for Marc.” [Radar]
Meanwhile, Eva Longoria has gone on the record saying that she doesn’t believe it, either. “I’m really confused about this whole thing,” she told Ryan Seacrest on air yesterday. “I know they did have a thing on set, [but Cherry] probably could not harm a fly. … I love the show so much. I would hate for anything [to] tarnish the reputation of the show.” [People]

So what do you think? Is Marc Cherry still one of the worst bosses in Hollywood?