Do Dudes Even Sag Their Pants Anymore?

My older brother was an ardent supporter of The Pant Sag when we were younger. If those things weren’t hanging on for dear life somewhere near his knees, something was wrong. Obviously, he looked like a moron and we’re all glad that phase has passed as the trend more or less died. Or, at least I thought it was a thing of the past, but Senator Eric Adams of Brooklyn thinks otherwise. He’s so concerned that the trend is still around — at least in his district — that Brooklyn residents may now feast their eyes on six anti-saggy pants billboards erected around the borough. Complete with two boxer-clad butts and slogans we have difficulty believing aren’t jokes — “Raise your pants, raise your image!” — I can’t help but think these have got to be the biggest waste of taxpayer money ever. (OK, maybe not ever, but still). But maybe I’m missing something and, much like the scrunchie, sagging is back. Have you seen dudes sagging their pants en masse or are there just a few saggy-pantsed stragglers driving this politician batty? [WWD]