Dating Advice From Destin Pfaff Of “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

On “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” Destin Pfaff does his best to pair wealthy clients with the mates of their dreams. Since we aren’t exactly millionaires (ha, not even close), we’re excited that Destin offered The Frisky a couple tips for finding a match. You asked Destin questions, and here’s what he had to say about employing friends as matchmakers, dressing for dates, and working with Patti Stanger. alyssab: How can you tell whether two individuals will be a good match? Any advice for how people can tell for themselves?

Are you trying to put me out of business? The first answer that comes to mind is gut instinct. Matching is not something you can really do faceless and impersonal. Does it work sometimes … sure. But think about it. When you call your bank to resolve an issue and you have to go through an automated system without that real “personal” touch, life becomes ten times harder and the issue is even harder than that to resolve. Being single is an issue. An issue, if you wish, that needs to be resolved. So, seek help if you’re single. Go to someone you trust that has a knack, that has that “gut instinct.” It’s a gift, not something you can really learn. If you’re stubborn, and insist on figuring it out yourself, remember nine times out of 10 people are oblivious to what’s in front of them and can miss that perfect match. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings, but don’t over-analyze or over-think. Be open … and love might just find you before you even have to worry about finding it.

Willy: What types of outfits are guys most attracted to?

Simple is key. Men are not complicated creatures, and the more complicated you dress the more it confuses us. We’re like trained monkeys. A simple black cocktail dress showing a little cleavage and a little leg goes a long way. It leaves just enough to the imagination, while at the same time bringing some attention to the goods.  It’s the three S’s – SIMPLE, SOPHISTICATED, and SEXY.

princess consuela banana hammock: Is Patti the same on- and off-camera? What’s it like to work with her?

Take the TV Patti, multiply her energy by 20, and BAM! You have the real Patti. That, and more bad words. Honestly, Patti has a heart of gold. She genuinely cares … we all do.  In the “real world,” we’re the best version of what you see on TV.