Andrew W.K. Was A Teenage Stalker

Singer Andrew W.K. wasn’t always the rock star who got all the chicks. (Wait, is he that now?) Back when he was 17, he was obsessed with a girl who would barely talk to him. He even wrote a song for her, “My Destiny,” which is uber-stalkery. And now, he’s letting us all hear it—take a listen above. “She consumed me with both lust and hatred,” he told The Guardian. “Lust, because I was truly drawn to her beauty and soft skin, and hatred because she rarely spoke to me, wouldn’t look at me much and never gave me a chance to show her my deep affections. I used to call her house just to listen to her say, ‘Hello?’ Then I’d hang up, terrified and shaking with nervous ecstasy.” Whoa, I’m having flashbacks of a dude I dated in high school who told me he would overdose on acid and kill himself if I didn’t go on another date with him. But that’s a story for another time.

Back to Andrew W.K. His stalker swan song is chock-full of amazingly creepy lyrics like, “Called up your number fourteen times to see if you were home, home is where I’ll find you when I find you.” Is it wrong that I think it’s kind of goth-tastic? But others didn’t find it so amusing. In fact, “My Destiny” frightened people so much that it landed him a stint with a psychologist and a restraining order against his lady love. Even more cringe-worthy? He made the song as a school project and presented it in class. By the end of the week, everyone, including the object of his insane affections, had a copy of the tape.

So why is he revealing “My Destiny” after all these years? A few months ago, a life coach encouraged him to release it in order to move on from the nightmare and heal. Much respect for that, W.K.—that takes a pair. I don’t think I could bear revealing the very questionable, goth/stalkerish poetry from my high school journal. Lock and key, baby. [The Guardian]