Quotable: Zoe Kravitz’s Favorite Beauty Tip & Style Icons

If you’re black, you should keep your edges moisturized … Well, I can only talk about the hair texture I know.”

Zoe Kravitz held court at the Vera Wang Princess Tweet Up last night and revealed some of her beauty tips. While her above tip is a necessity for anyone who has naturally kinky hair, which has a tendency to break at the edges or hairline, Zoe did offer some advice for those who want to look like rock royalty. Her must-have beauty products are coconut oil and Rhonda Allison serums, which promote the optimum health and beauty of the skin. But Zoe doesn’t buy all her beauty products from specialty retailers — she’s not above shopping for eyeliner and mascara at a drugstore like the rest of us. She said she hardly wears foundation unless she has a big ol’ zit and her mainstay red carpet look is a standout lip, blush, and mascara. How simple! Zoe counts Jimi Hendrix and Carrie Bradshaw as her style icons, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise given her NYC rock ‘n’ roll upbringing. But she also has a fascination with the old-school “Little Rascals.” (Check out The Frisky’s Twitter for even more tidbits from Zoe.)