Quickies: Johnny Depp Or Orlando Bloom, Who’s Hotter? Plus, Another Dumb, Lovesick Criminal

  • Who’s the ultimate teen heartthrob, Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? Vote now. [TrèsSugar]
  • You know those women who flirt with all men, even the ones they’re not attracted to? Well, this is why they do it. [Your Tango]
  • And now for some graphic proof that skinny jeans on men aren’t the right move. [College Humor]

  • Here’s a dumb criminal for ya: A woman set fire to a police station in order to be closer to her incarcerated boyfriend. [Dumb As A Blog]
  • This kitty’s cuteness outranks Megan Fox’s sex appeal tenfold. [F-Listed]
  • A moment of silence, please … the inventor of boxed wine has taken his last sip. [Lemondrop]
  • Kirstie Alley says “Scientology helps you lose your insanities.” Uh, huh, we’ll take your word for it, Kirstie. [Popbytes]