Eat, Pray, Buy?

Apparently, it’s not enough for a movie just to exist as it is. Each film has to be paired with items that are actually for sale, based on the movie, because, really, who doesn’t want a “Harry Potter” wand or “Lord of the Rings” elf ears? “Sex and the City” has thongs, Christmas decorations, and vodka, and now Los Angeles jewelry brand Dogeared has designed special jewelry, books and travel-related products based on the upcoming movie “Eat Pray Love.” If you’re ready to outfit yourself in “EPL” paraphernalia, head to Fred Segal or ABC Home where you can shop the collection, which has items ranging from $20 to $100. Just a note: you certainly won’t find happiness through food, spirituality through yoga, and balance by simply plunking down cash for Elizabeth Gilbert mementos. Then again, taking your own trip around the world can be a tad unattainable. [WWD]