But Will Those Louboutins Blend?

Almost as prevalent as links to iPad reviews are links to this “But Will It Blend?” video in which the geeky host takes a glorious iPad, cracks it in half and reduces the poor thing to dust in a blender. It’s the latest in Blendtec’s series of “Will It Blend?” videos, all of which involve some sort of item that typically goes unblended coming into contact with a Blendtec blender and, well, existing no more. Since it was posted a day ago, this particular desecration of all that is holy in geek-land has been viewed nearly 1.6 million times. Apparently, people like to watch beautiful things die. So, in the comments, suggest a beautiful accessory to be put to Blendtec’s blending test and we’ll take the most popular suggestion, submit it for consideration and keep our fingers crossed that, some day soon, we’ll be able to watch a Marc Jacobs handbag reduced to dust. And hell, even if our deepest blending desires don’t come to fruition, it’ll be interesting to see which accessory inspires the most enmity!