Beauty How-To: Treat Pimples on Your Nose

A zit on your chin, or a little off-center on your forehead is an easy fix. Even uncovered, no one will notice. But when the sucker pops up on your nose, you can either take our advice for eradicating the dreaded pimple, or spend the next week looking like Rudolph’s first cousin.Target Your Problems While Washing
The key to minimizing future breakouts is an effective skincare regimen that starts with cleansing. Use products that target your specific skin problems. If you haven a swarm of blackheads look for an astringent or a blackhead treatment. If your tone is what bothers you, go for an anti-redness, or shine diminishing wash.

Help the Troubled Spot Along–But Time it Right
If the pimple is pop-worthy, apply pressure along the sides of it to suss out the puss and oil. To avoid scarring and irritation, popping pimples should be limited and performed well in advance of applying makeup.

Apply Your Regular Foundation
After your skin has had time to recoup from a good scrubbing, apply your foundation to disguise the remaining acne.

Add a Combination of Effective Concealers
Mix and match pencil concealers with liquids and powders to find the right matte combination. Don’t just dab product onto the blemish itself, but rather, make sure your mix of concealers blends into the surrounding skin without highlighting your blemish.

Continue Proper Washing & Repeat Concealing as Necessary
After your makeup-wearing day is done, be sure to remove all of your makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Repeat washing and concealing as needed.