Beauty How-To: Prevent Wrinkles

Preventing wrinkles has to do with good habits. Healthy skin won’t turn on you quite as quickly as skin that hasn’t been cared for. Take measures to reduce the appearance of age-defining creases and indentations.Wear sunscreen:
The next time you pine for caramel-colored skin, imagine how creased and leathery that suntanned skin will look 20 years from now. To protect your skin from the ravages of sun exposure, apply a high-quality sunscreen every day that protects against UVA and UVB rays, contains zinc or titanium oxide or avobenzone, and has an SPF of at least 15—yes, even if it’s raining.

Quit smoking:
If you’re not worried about getting heart disease and lung cancer, think about all the unsightly wrinkles cigarettes cause. Sure, you may think smoking looks cool now, but the longer you smoke, the more wrinkled your skin will look later. Smoking damages the collagen and elastin that preserve youthful skin.

Don’t frown around:
OK, so maybe your face won’t “freeze that way” as Mom used to tell you, but frowning will cause lines. Squinting also causes unwanted lines, so wear corrective lenses and sunglasses to avoid forming grooves beneath your skin’s surface.

Get a good night’s sleep:
Lack of sleep produces cortisol, a chemical that destroys skin cells, whereas plenty of sleep helps you produces more HGH, a hormone that promotes youthful skin. Aside from getting enough sleep, lie on your back while you snooze; facial pressure against your pillow can etch sleep lines into your face.

Eat well:
Look for foods loaded with vitamins which promote the growth of healthy skin cells and protect against free radicals. Five-plus servings of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cantaloupe and kale, as well as nuts such as almonds and omega-3 rich salmon will help keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free.

Develop a good face-washing routine:
Avoid washing your face too often or using soap that removes the natural oil barrier that protects your skin. To replenish lost moisture, be sure to choose a soap or facial cleanser that contains (what else?) moisturizer!