Corrupt School Board Presents: Constance McMillen’s Decoy Prom!

Remember that time that Ellen gave the super awesome lesbian high-schooler a scholarship and internship after she sued her school district for canceling prom? It looked like maybe the international scrutiny and an ACLU lawsuit had worked and Constance McMillen’s school agreed to throw a parent-sponsored prom in the cafeteria. But no, it was a trap. While McMillen, her girlfriend, and seven friends showed up to decoy prom, her classmates were partying at a different location planned by the school district. As Gawker summed it up, “Basically, a bunch of grownups may have staged an elaborate ruse so the gay girl and her gay lesbian girlfriend and all their totally homo friends could stand around one place looking like chumps.” Someone even tracked down a classmate’s prom photos, which proved there was, in fact, a secret prom Constance was not invited to. [Gawker]

I’m so utterly sickened by these awful hick people and their evil hick scheming. I had no idea people were still so close-minded and openly discriminating. Maybe Constance can sue them again and start a fund to get discriminated students out of their school district and into real cities where this kind of thing doesn’t happen?