Breaking News From French Marie Claire: Unretouched Models Still Perfect!

Behold! The airbrush-free April issue of French Marie Claire. This magazine is hope for womankind, a symbol of the new age of realism and our society’s understanding that our ideal of perfection isn’t achievable in real life. Oh. Wait. It’s not. In fact, everyone in it still looks more or less flawless. After you get through a slew of Photoshopped ad pages to arrive at the actual editorial content, you get a gander at the editors’ version of realistic. Hint: It’s thin and probably 15 years old. A few more images, after the jump! [The Cut]
In case you didn’t get the idea in the smaller picture, this girl’s gorgeous. That said, we’re fine with that. She’s thin but not anorexic-looking, super pretty and has a great smile. This is the sort of photo shoot that’s aspirational without being totally unrealistic.

This … is not. The girl weighs 2 pounds and, I don’t know about you, but I would have rather continued believing that toothpicks with six packs were an invention of Photoshop.