Avril And Brody? We Suggest Other Dudes For Her To Date

Isn’t it strange when real life intersects with reality TV? Apparently, the recently divorced Avril Lavigne has a new beau. And it’s none other than Lauren Conrad’s ex, Brody Jenner. According to the NY Post the two were seen all over Los Angeles last weekend. “They were all over each other. They were laughing and joking and seemed pretty intimate,” a source snitched. Oh, and the two apparently had dinner with Brody’s mom on Sunday. All we can say is ick, ick ick. [NY Post]

We think Avril has spent far too little time as a single lady to start thinking about getting serious with the Brodster. So here are some other ideas for people we’d like to see her date. Just stay away from John Mayer, Avril.

  • We’d like to see Avril try a nice guy, like Cory Montieth from “Glee.”
  • Benji Madden and Holly Madison are just “adventure buddies.” Here is Avril’s chance.
  • Anybody from Green Day.
  • Jon Gosselin. He loves kids!
  • Courtney Love will turn her into the punk she tries to be.
  • Puck from “The Real World.” He’s still getting arrested these days.
  • Or Alanis Morrisette! She swings both ways and they are both from Canada.
  • Henry Rollins. Love him.
  • Now that K-Fed’s lost a few, he’d be a good choice.