Would You Pay $1,000 For A Facial?

We’re big fans of Paul Labrecque and his eponymous salon: From their divine hair treatments to kick-ass spray-tanning sessions, they’re quite the Manhattan beauty destination, no doubt. But a facial that costs more than some people’s rent? We’re a tad skeptical. The Cut blogger Aja Mangum tried it out, and here’s what she had to say … The 90-minute treatment consists of microdermabrasion and two laser treatments. The first, Laser Genesis, “feels like warm beams of pulsating light and is meant to tackle fine wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin texture.” Sounds good, so far. On to the skin-tightening Laser Titan portion of the show, which Mangum describes as feeling like her face “was being scorched by a branding iron.” Ruh-roh.

A wise derm once told me that if it’s painful, it probably isn’t too great for your skin. While the writer reported that her skin looked more “radiant” and some fine lines were “slightly diminished,” she also admitted that she’d seen similar results from less spendy facials. Apparently it takes a few months for the full meal deal: The Titan “bruises” collagen in order to promote new growth, so, you know, guess we’ll all have to wait and see. But gee willikers! Botox is starting to sound better and better. [The Cut]