What Are Your Dating Theories?

I stumbled across this list of dating theories by a man with two decades of experience. They were mostly funny – see “Women Who Begin Emails With ‘Hey You’ Are Crazy” – but some I would consider straight up gospel – “Drinking Red Wine On Dates Is The Best.” This got me thinking about some of my favorite dating theories. Check out the ones I live by after the jump. Share yours in the comments. [Lemondrop] You Can Tell A Lot About A Man By His Shoes
A man’s shoe habits are important an important thing to pay attention to. In my experience … If he still has his favorite pair of sneakers from high school, he’s loyal – almost to a fault. If he has a bunch of flashy shoes, he’s a raging narcissist who needs attention. If his shoes are stuck in the past, so is he. He’ll never dump his college girlfriend for you, so just forget it. If his shoes don’t fit him right, if they are awkward of uncomfortable, he’s trying to be something he’s not. If he has more shoes than you, he’s freaky. If he has trouble finding a pair he likes, he doesn’t like to commit. You get the picture.

The New Broom Sweeps Clean
I stole this one from my friend’s mother because I think it’s genius. Every new broom is perfect at first. It cleans up all the dirt and looks good while doing it! After you’ve used the broom a few times, you’ll see if it is ideal for your floor. Same with dudes. Wait until you’ve worn that broom down before you decide what kind of broom it is. It takes a while to find out.

Listen To What Guys Say About Themselves
When a guy tells you something about himself, you should listen up. If he says he’s a cheater, commit-o-phobe, never been in love, an addict, a bad communicator, etc., he means it. This information is not an invitation to see if you will be the first one to break the cycle.

A Slow Burn Is The Best
If you get proper kindling and light that fire, you can make it last longer. Let the fire start slowly. If you have too many sparks with someone too quickly, the relationship will combust pretty quickly. Someone is usually bound to get burned that way too.