Today’s Lady News: Golf Gal Wins Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

  • A Massachusetts judge has ruled in favor of golfer Elaine Joyce, in a sexual discrimination lawsuit she filed against the town of Dennis, MA. In 2007, Joyce was banned from playing in a men’s tournament at the town’s municipal Dennis Pines Golf Course despite the fact she has a single-digit handicap. Last week, a judge ruled the club violated Joyce’s civil rights. Golf course club officials have since changed their rules to allow women to compete in men’s tournaments. [AP]
  • Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry signed three bills placing restrictions on abortion into law this morning. One bill bans abortions based on a child’s gender, one allows medical employees to refuse to participate in abortions if it is against their religious beliefs, and one regulates the administration of RU-486, the abortion pill. [Tulsa World]
  • Jay-Z and Russell Simmons will rally this weekend at a “Stop The Violence” rally in Trenton, New Jersey, organized after a 7-year-old girl was sold for sex by her sister and gang-raped by numerous people at a March 28 party. So far, five men and boys have been arrested and police say they are seeking additional suspects. Ludacris and Chuck D. will also deliver taped messages to the rally’s attendees. []

  • What state has the highest rate of sexual assault in the nation? You might be surprised to learn it is Utah. In 2006, one in eight women in Utah and one in 50 men in Utah said they had experienced rape or attempted rape during their lives. [The Spectrum]
  • Three women in Texas have filed a lawsuit against the makers of Nuvaring, a vaginal birth control ring, claiming they developed blood clots after using the birth control. The lawsuit claims the manufacturers downplay more serious health risks of Nuvaring. [South Texas Record]
  • A new study out of Cornell University found women whose husbands work 50+ hours a week made sacrifices in the time they devote to their own careers. Youngjoo Cha studied data from the U.S. Census Bureau and found a woman’s likelihood of quitting her job increases with the more hours her husband works. One theory is without affordable childcare, which would allow women to continue working, the women are still expected to handle much of the childrearing and other work at home; another theory is men working jobs 50+ a week are earning enough so that the family does not need a second income. [Cornell Sun]
  • Effective December 2010, seminarians in the Unitarian Universalist Church (an extremely liberal branch of Christianity) will be required to demonstrate a grasp of issues related to sexuality, including sexual orientation, sexual assault, reproductive health, gender identity, and domestic violence. []
  • A writer for the environmental blog Grist says she’s child-free and proud because not bringing kiddies into the world is better for Mother Earth. She calls herself a GINK: green inclinations, no kids. [Grist]
  • As of this writing, Lady Gaga sits at the top of Time magazine’s 100 “most influential person in the world” poll. Marissa Mayer from Google, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Rachel Maddow, and Meghan McCain are way down on the list. Infer from that information what you will. [Time]
  • Guernica magazine interviews Alice Walker, a Pulitzer Prize winner for The Color Purple and a former editor at Ms. magazine. [Guernica]


  • Rules by soccer world’s governing body, FIFA, prohibiting headscarves have effectively banned Iran’s girls soccer team from playing in the Youth Olympic Games. The law that states “basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements” does not allow Iranian girls to wear their hijabs. Today Thailand was nominated to replace the Iranian team. [USA Today]
  • A study by the Australian National University has found women who have plastic surgery can have unrealistic expectations of the procedure and its risks. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • India’s government has launched an investigation after a woman gave birth to a premature baby, who died, on the pavement outside a hospital in Jaipur, India. The woman and her husband claim they were refused medical care from the hospital, which the hospital denies. [Fox News]
  • A former BBC news anchor, Selina Scott, says it is women’s fault that the BBC has ageist hiring practices, in part because women are the ones getting cosmetic surgery in order to look younger. [Telegraph UK]