The 10 Best Gifts We Ever Gave A Guy

One of the top reader emails we get concerns what presents would be good for a guy. After all, giving gifts to your girlfriends is easy: Half the time, you can just pick out something cute you’d love for yourself, give it to your bestie, and know you did the right thing. Guys? Not so simple. Looking for suggestions? Here are the 10 best presents we’ve found for our male friends and lovahs, satisfaction guaranteed.

  1. Massage: No, not that kind. We may not automatically put salon services and dudes together, but guys like to get their spa on as much as the next girl, only they’re highly unlikely to book anything themselves. Now he has an excuse.
  2. Clothes: While plenty of guys are down to wear a dirty t-shirt they found on the floor, most of them love fresh threads, too. Skip new socks and underwear–unless he’s your son–and get him a cool new shirt or even better, that pair of kicks he’s had his eyes on.
  3. Gadgets: Not to be totally cliche, but just as many women swoon over shoes, most guys are drawn to shiny new gadgets like a magpie to gold. You really can’t go wrong with an instrument that can be played or has an Apple logo on the wrapper.
  4. Wallet: It’s sweet when he takes it out to pay, sad when it looks about 30 years old and is covered in duct tape. A man’s wallet is like his purse (unless of course, he carries a murse), so he’ll totally appreciate a classy new leather number.
  5. Personal: No, he probably won’t be down with a monogrammed towel. Yes, he will totally appreciate you framing a picture of something he holds dear.
  6. Porn: Every dude I’ve ever gifted with porn has thanked me profusely. Enough said. Same goes for sex toys. That he can use on you.
  7. Survival Kit: Ensconced in modern comforts and luxuries as we are, every man likes to feel like, if the shiz hit the fan, he’d be prepared. Chalk it up to the Boy Scouts. A machete, compass, Maglite, uh, matches, whatever makes him feel manly and wilderness-ready.
  8. Projector: Obvi, this is a splurge and intended for the guy who really, really deserves it, but every dude harbors the secret fantasy of dumping his TV set for a projector hooked up to his entertainment system. Only then may his at-home action movie experience rival that of the movie theater’s screen.
  9. Experience: Whether it’s tickets to his favorite game or a round-trip flight to Hong Kong, plenty of guys value the experiential over the material.
  10. Service: Wanna really make his day? Pay to get a professional house cleaning, car wash or have his meals prepared for a week. We’ve seen grown men weep with joy at getting to skip doing the dishes for a couple days. Can’t afford it? Two words: sex coupons.