Quickies: Holly Madison Has Adventure With Benji Madden & Tiger Woods’ Teacher Seeks Apology

  • It seems Holly Madison continues to have “mysterious adventure buddy” encounters with Benji Madden. [TMZ]
  • What would make an estranged mother think it was perfectly normal to send her daughter’s “friend” a message, in which she calls him her “future son-in-law”? [Urlesque]
  • Andie McDowell, who you might have recognized as the face of L’Oreal at the moment, says she was once told she was too fat to model. [NY Daily News]
  • Can a self-proclaimed shopaholic go a month without indulging her favorite vice? [College Candy]

  • Tiger Woodskindergarten teacher now wants an apology, but not for what you’d think. [F-Listed]
  • YaVaughnie Wilkins’ revenge billboards have worked, and now her former lover, Charles Phillips, is leaving Morgan Stanley. [Valley Wag]
  • Who had more casual sex, you or your mom? [TrèsSugar]
  • Let us know if you’ve tried this oral sex spray … or any for that matter [Asylum]