Kal Penn Done With The White House, Going Back To White Castle

Last year, Kal Penn decided that he was done with acting. After campaigning for Barack Obama, he accepted a post in the White House as the president’s associate director of public engagement. His character on “House” was consequently killed off, and he was free to go to Washington and work under his real name, Kalpen Modi. But apparently, he just couldn’t stay away from the screen. His reps have announced that he is going back to acting. The first order of business on his docket—he’ll be joining John Cho in another installment of “Harold and Kumar,” this time Christmas-themed. The flick begins filming in June, and may or may not be in 3-D. So what happened exactly, Kal? Did politics just wear you down? Did you get sick of being a suit? Were you pissed off about the passage of the health care bill? Or maybe you just needed a burger? [E! Online]