Can Maxi Skirts Ever Work For Short Women?

As an individual who is faced with the dilemma of being vertically challenged — I’m super short, 5’1″ to be exact — certain fashion trends just don’t work for me. Pants are pretty much impossible and even if I liked the harem style, I can totally forget about ever looking good in them. In fact, for months I was convinced that I shouldn’t even try to make a maxi dress work because I would just end up looking like a child covered in piles of fabric. Eventually, desperation mixed with jealousy and a quick shopping trip lead to my first maxi dress purchase last summer. Now I’m in love and believe I have mastered the art of maxi dresses for shorties, though I’d hardly say that I’m willing to venture into the world of harem pants. Then, my world was rocked when I saw the Olsen twins strutting around town in maxi skirts! Those girls are just as tall as me, but for some reason, they looked good! Hm, could it be? Can maxi skirts really work for me too? The pint-sized, fashion-forward twins officially brought back the trend and now it seems that I’ll need to fall in love with long skirts just as I did long dresses. But if I’ve learned anything from compulsively stalking their style, it’s that when you go maxi on the bottom, go mini on the top. Focus on fitted tees and shrunken jackets to enhance your curves instead of looking like a little frump. Plus, a high pair of heels never hurt anyone. What about you? Are you prepping your closet for maxi styles? [Independent]