10 Ways To Get Bikini-Ready (For Us Non-Celebs, That Is)

It’s that annoying time of year when celebs start “flaunting their bikini bods” and we get sick with envy over the kind of physique a team of personal trainers/dieticians/beauticians/stylists can get you. So fine, we’ll do it the hard way. After the jump, 10 ways you can get it together yourself. Because, let’s face it, no one else is going to do it for you, right?

  1. Try a fast. We’re not ones to advocate diets — we like our pizza way too much. But if you’ve ever been interested in one of the liquid diets stars do to get in shape for movies and premieres as quickly as possible, now’s a good time. Right now, celebs are crazy about the non-meal plans offered at NYC’s trendy Organic Avenue. An easier, cheaper and healthier way to “fast”? Knock out processed foods and go for a steady diet of fresh fruits and vegetables for a few days.
  2. Drink water and nothing else. Hey, we didn’t say this would be super fun or anything, but cutting out soda and alcohol will save on calories and bloating.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Multiple studies have suggested a link between too little shut eye, stress and weight gain. Try yoga to chill out and drink an herbal bedtime tea two hours before you want to go to sleep.
  4. Exercise. We know, we know, boooring. While a recent study claims middle-aged women need 60 minutes of physical activity a day, if you’re younger, we say 30 should do the trick. Also, um, we are not doctors.
  5. Exfoliate like crazy. Winter dryness means you probably have multiple layers of dull dead skin. Purchase a body scrub and loofah and go to town. Also, consider that proper exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hairs.
  6. Shave, or whatever it is you like to do. There’s something about being in the sun that makes some of us feel ultra self-conscious about every teensy hair on our knee or whatever. Waxing is extra thorough, but if you have sensitive skin, shaving is best.
  7. Self-tan, or something. While no one wants to look orange, there is something to be said for evening out your skin tone. We like the gradual lotions because they’re so subtle. Another way to get a nice, even surface? Try a body oil with light-reflecting pigments. Vaseline makes a great, inexpensive one.
  8. Find a flattering suit. Maybe it’s the most challenging part of getting ready for summer, but finding a good suit is also crucial. Skip the junior’s section: Have you noticed how little fabric there is on the butts? J.Crew and other companies do make more full-bodied options, and starting this summer, Spanx has some rather miraculous new offerings.
  9. Find an even more flattering cover-up. No matter what our body types, some of us will always feel understandably self-conscious about wearing next to nothing in public. After all, we’re not Europeans here. Luckily, there are as many cute, breezy cover-ups as there are suits, so invest in a sarong or caftan in a versatile color that looks sexy and shows just a hint of skin.
  10. Load up on sunscreen. Maybe the most important part of getting ready to work it at the beach or pool or your neighbor’s Slip ‘n’ Slide is investing in a good, high SPF. Start with at least 30, and we recommend the spray bottles since they’re much easier to apply.

Got anything else to add? Let us know.