Here’s Why You Should Date Online

Some people still think online dating is only for freaks, geeks and ugly people.

Case in point: a recent Business Insider article arguing that online dating is for old and desperate people, namely women over the age of 30 with no relationship prospects. Alyson Shontell, the article’s 23-year-old writer, claims that women in their twenties don’t need online dating, suggesting that instead of lurking behind the computer screen, they should go outside and meet people “the old-fashioned way”:

No offense, but we’re young! And young people are active. While the bar scene may not be our best bet for soul mate searching, you can meet a heck of a lot of people that way.

She names college campuses, friends of friends, the gym, and sports leagues as additional places where a young woman “running around the cities” can meet a quality man.

Maybe we’re just joining the wrong gyms, but we aren’t so convinced that the average twentysomething woman should completely shun online dating as a legitimate (and respectable) way of finding dates. Why take on and dedicate time to additional activities and responsibilities if you can simply log on, fill out a profile, and start browsing matches in a matter of minutes? Read more

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