Unicorn, The Other White Meat

Have you ever seen a unicorn? If your answer is no, it’s because you’ve never been to County Meath, Ireland. Apparently, that’s where they’ve been stashing them all, specifically at Radiant Farms. The sisters who run the farm have taken “a cue from the Kobe beef industry … they massage each unicorn’s coat with Guinness daily and fatten them on a diet comprised entirely of candy corn.” Mmm, beer and candy and unicorns! Sounds like heaven! And now you can get a serving of all those sparkly vitamins for $9.99, thanks to ThinkGeek.com. If you’re nutrition conscious or a fantasy nerd, see just what they’re made of, after the jump!unicorn meat
What a great way to handle your dreams: eat them, then poop ‘em out! Supposedly, they’re low in cholesterol and sparkles are a great source of calcium. Bonus!

unicorn meat

Another satisfied customer!