You Know You’re Jealous! Otters With A Lifelong Love Die Within An Hour Of Each Other

This is a story about otters. Gay otters. Gay otters in love. OK, OK, I don’t know for a fact that Daz, 19, and Chip, 16, were in love, but the Daily Mail says they were “best friends” who “lived side-by-side for 15 years” and those sure sound like euphemisms for gay otter love to me. Anyway. Tragically, but adorably, Chip and Daz died of heart attacks within one hour of each other. Sob! Zookeepers at the Naturelands Zoo in New Zealand say it seems the second otter passed away from the stress of watching his mate die. “The only consolation from this is that they both went together,” zookeeper Gail Sutton told the Daily Mail. “Because if one had gone without the other, the remaining one would have been really lost.” Awwww. It’s just like that Ben Folds song. [Daily Mail UK]