Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Reveals Secrets About Scientology

I didn’t know that Jason Lee is a Scientologist until this morning, and now that I know this little tidbit of info about him, my crush that developed after watching “Big Trouble” has died. But that hasn’t stopped me from being totally enthralled by the “tell all” interview his ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, gave to The National Enquirer about Scientology. Find out what she said after the jump. On her relationship with Jason:

Carmen said the impression Jason gave her was that she had to join Scientology in order to be with him. But she claims he was an abusive drunk who once knocked her unconscious for 30 seconds, and she had to have her jaw wired shut as a result. Carmen recounted being forced to sign a document that was prepared by the church and Jason when they were divorcing. It said she agreed to accept from Jason “$22,141 a month for three years, plus $50,000 cash and a leased car.” Jason would retain their “$2 million home, their cars, his businesses, residuals, stocks and pension accounts.” She blames her lack of an acting career and her addiction to painkillers on the religion that she says is more like a cult.

On other famous Scientologists:

  • Carmen told a story about meeting with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when they were still married. She says Tom told her and Jason that he and Nicole were Scientologists. Nicole gave him an evil look and he tried to stare her down for 10 seconds. Carmen says she interpreted that to mean Nicole wasn’t a Scientologist and never would be. Gee, ya think? Anyway, she said Nicole and Tom divorced soon after because Tom said she was an S.P., Scientology jargon for a “suppressive person” — basically someone the Church thinks is bad, bad news. And we all know what happened then — he got a wife that follows directions better.
  • After Carmen left the church and divorced Jason, she said she ran into Jenna Elfman one day. The has-been actress wasn’t practicing too much dharma that day. Carmen said Jenna approached her and “spouted statements like a robot and treated me like dirt because she knew I’d broken free.”

Hmm, I wonder what Beth Riesgraf, Jason’s ex-fiancee between Carmen and his current wife, Michelle Lee, would have to say about these allegations. Keep reading over at Celebitchy for even more juice from Carmen’s Enquirer interview, including the alleged real reason Lisa Marie Presley ended her marriage with Michael Jackson.