Beauty How-To: Remove Lip Hair

We imagine that there was once a grand jury of all the world’s sexiest women, who gathered in secret to decide what is hot and what is not. The good news? They didn’t want us to look like the boys and said that upper lip hair is o-u-t. The bad news? They didn’t care how much it hurts to get rid of the scruff. Shaving Facial Hair: No Pain, No Real Gain
There are plenty of facial razors on the market, packaged in small, narrow modules that will make it easy to navigate on your face. Although not particularly painful, this method has serious drawbacks in that the hair is not being removed from the root and stubble will likely ensue.

Tweezing Facial Hair: A Slow Process
Yanking hair out is always an effective option. The question is, can you deal with the self-inflicted pain?

Bleaching Facial Hair: Looks Great From a Distance
A fairly painless option for minimizing the appearance of facial hair is simply to apply a cream bleach product made explicitly for facial use–like what you can get from Sally Hansen. Since this process doesn’t actually eliminate hairs, a view from up-close will still reveal the lightened strands.

Waxing Facial Hair: Take a Deep Breath & Pull
For those serious about hair removal, waxing the upper lip can be a good choice: the process can be painful, since the hair is removed from the root, but great results can follow. However, waxing can be ineffective for removing extremely short hairs.

Threading Facial Hair: An Ancient Remedy
Threading is an idea that is both ancient and effective. Once you get the hang of it, the pain will lessen and you can even carry out the cost-effective hair removal plan by yourself at home.