When Bad Hair Happens To Good Men: Guy Hair Styles That Must Die

bradpitt 4110 g jpg
So Brad Pitt finally trimmed his beard, but now it looks like this. Improvement? I think not. You can just see the good-looking person inside trying to get out. But dang, Pitt managed to find the only dealbreaker that would stop us from having sex with him. Why, oh why, is he doing this to his face? Well, this is part of a larger question we’ve all wondered when looking at some poorly groomed dude face. Yes, as a lady, I understand that facial hair seems like man Playdoh fun, but baby, that doesn’t excuse ugly facial topiary. Honestly, why do guys do dumb stuff like this with their hair? Sigh. Maybe, just maybe, we can save some poor gentlemen by warning them of the dangers of bad razor work. So, take a long, hard look, boys, this is what happens when hilariously bad hair happens to good men.
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