What Does It Feel Like To Be A Male Victim Of Domestic Violence?

The National Centre of Domestic Violencein the U.K. recently launched a campaign to bring awareness about male victims of domestic violence. This is certainly an important mission and the copy on their first advertisement (a portion of which you can see on the left) does a good job of summing up why male victims often do not come forward:

“We understand how it feels to be a male victim of domestic abuse. As a man, telling somebody that your partner is abusing you is difficult. You might feel ashamed, embarrassed, or worried you’ll be viewed as less of a man.”

However, as Sady Doyle points out at Broadsheet, the text in the ad is extremely, um, easy to miss in comparison to the image used. Check out the full shebang (which could be deemed NSFWish), after the jump … So, a male who’s been physically abused feels d**kless? Like a woman or, say, a Ken Doll? I don’t quite get it. This image is certainly startling, but I don’t think it conveys the point well enough. What do you think? [Salon: Broadsheet]