What Beauty Treatment/Product Would You Never Try Again?

When it comes to media jobs, beauty editors have a pretty sweet gig. They’re literally paid to be pampered and try out all the latest and greatest beauty innovations on the market. Of course, being a professional guinea pig has consequences. Facials gone wrong, terrifying injections, and weird cellulite treatments that don’t even work are par for the course. During my stint covering the market, I got Botox in my armpit to see if the treatment kept people from sweating (it didn’t and the area turned into a bruised welt), numerous facials that broke me out, a scary pummeling by a topless woman in a Turkish bath, and a seriously excruciating series of bikini area laser treatments that left me wondering if I had been rendered infertile. And that’s just the beginning of my list.These painful memories were jogged by the following: Our favorite British rag The Daily Mail asked some of London’s top beauty gals what the best and worst treatments they ever received were. Sort of surprisingly (to me anyway), almost all of them swear by Botox. Huh. But that scary needle contraption the Dermaroller that everyone was crazy about last year? Not so much. Another horror story involves needles as well: Harper’s Bazaar Beauty & Health Director Newby Hands (sweet name btw) recalls one of the scariest-sounding cellulite treatments we’ve ever heard of: “It involved having 12 8in needles threaded horizontally through the skin at the back of my legs, 1mm below the surface, running from my hips to my knees. A current was then passed between them … I remember crying on the way to the doctor’s surgery for my fifth appointment, then crying on the surgeon’s table. The pain was horrendous as the needles were inserted. And it didn’t even work – though I couldn’t get through the 12-session treatment.”

Oh. My. God. [Daily Mail]