Sure Fooled Us: Gaga And McQueen Collab Bogus News

Lady Gaga kind of has an unfair advantage when it comes to making headlines—girl is so crazy that even the most whack claims are plausible. “Gaga Marries Siberian Goldfish”? Sure. “Lady Gaga Claims She Was Raised On Alien Colony”? We could see that. So when we saw the following news item this morning—”Lady Gaga To Design Collection For Alexander McQueen”—we didn’t for a second doubt it and thought, Whoa, we’re gonna have some awesome blogging material once pics of this come out.

Unfortunately, we are so Gaga gullible that it took a moment to realize that this cleverly planted item on makes a direct reference to April Fool’s, “revealing” that the name of this collection would be called “Poisson d’Avril,” which is French for April Fool’s (Ed.—Can’t believe I even live in France and that slipped by my eyes!) Let’s hope we don’t hear of any more fashion pranks today. We’re not sure we could take the disappointment. []